How to Help your Child’s Learning Process

When learning any activity a child must spend as much time on the activity as possible to aid their learning; this is no different when learning to swim. If it is possible to take your child swimming to play or practice it will aid their learning. Spend time playing in the bath, blowing bubbles, water running down their faces will help a child or babies water confidence. (Please supervise children in the bath at all times). Swimming is fun so you should both enjoy your time in the water playing games will improve their water confidence.

If your child wears goggles or not is up to you, however please ensure that the goggles fit correctly or they will be more of a hindrance to the child than help. Goggles can be purchased from Dolphin School of Swimming.

Please remember that a child can get very dependant on goggles and as part of the swimming programme they will be asked to swim or jump in without the use of goggles. As it is important that children do not become too dependant on goggles – they wont have them if they fall in to a river or lake.

Building water confidence is especially important to non swimmers; there are many ways at home that parents can help by playing games in the bath or in the pool.

Games such as:

  • Seeing who can blow the biggest bubbles
  • Who can put there face under the longest you or them?
  • How many different parts of your body can touch the pool floor
  • Picking up sticks from the floor
  • Playing at who can splash the most
  • Who can float for the longest


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